Status Zakończone
Wartość zamówienia 19.3 mln PLN brutto
Realisation period 03/2015 - 03/2016

The reconstruction of the tramway at ul. Dąbrowskiego - from ul. Botaniczna to ul. Żeromskiego along with the junction in Poznań.

The contract concerns reconstruction of the tramway at ul. Dąbrowskiego, and at ul. Dąbrowskiego from ul. Botaniczna, along with the junction. The works shall include the following:

  • upgrading the tram and road system along with the construction of walkways and paths for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • reconstruction of tram stops;
  • reconstruction of underground facilities as part of the removal of conflicts and water supply networks, rainwater drainage system, sanitary sewerage system;
  • constructing the trackbed drainage system;
  • performance of the tram catenary;
  • delivery and assembly of drives, control and heating of railway points;
  • landscape management;
  • reconstruction of ul. Dąbrowskiego along with the junction to the extent necessary in connection with the works;
  • extension of the municipal monitoring system;
  • installing the electricity supply to passenger shelters;